How to Determine the Right Vitamin C Serum

Skin brightening is among the highest-ranking skincare concern. Regardless of the hyper pigmentation type on your skin, you need to make a vitamin C serum a skincare routine. However, you may not know how to determine which vitamin C serum suits you. Below are tips to help you determine the best vitamin C serum.

You should check the concentration. As far as the vitamin C concentration is concerned, the right one depends on your skin type. It is good you know if your skin is oily, dry or sensitive when checking vitamin C concentration. You should begin with as low as 10 and then keep increasing as your skin becomes more familiar with it. Although most vitamin C serums contain 10-20 percent vitamin C, vitamin C is hard to stabilize and when exposed to light and oxygen, they start breaking down. Within 6 months, the concentration can go down to 2 percent, making the product less acidic hence hard to go through the epidermis. You thus need to note when you open your serum and use it for six months. Read more ( Leer más ) for further details.

Ensure the packaging is right. First of all, you need to ensure you are using vitamin C serum and not cream. This is because the serum is the vehicle through which vitamin C is delivered to the skin since it is a water-soluble molecule that will best travel across the outer layer to the dermis that needs it in a water-based vehicle. Ensure you are purchasing vitamin C serum in a package that will not allow it to oxidize. The package should be opaque and airtight to avoid exposing it to light and oxygen.

Watch your skin closely. You may be wondering what exactly you need to watch for on your face to know if your vitamin C serum is doing its job of skin-brightening and pigment-diminishing. Within a week or so, you should notice your face becoming more glowy, smoother and softer. Some dark spots on your face should be somehow lighter as if you have had an exfoliation. As days turn to months, dark spots should decrease and the skin tightens. Also, there may be a few breakouts. Give your skin about 3-4 months for a noticeable change. However, your skin should tell you if the serum is good by its reactions. If your skin gets very peely or dry after using it, the concentration may be too high for you or you may have an allergy of one of the ingredients and need to figure out the best formula for you.

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